Program - Culture


Focus: Using music, TV shows and real-world experiences, we will learn about western culture and discuss the norms of different countries.
  • Do you want to learn more about Canadian culture while practicing your English?
  • Do you want to learn English through music, TV shows, movies, and observing the city?
  • Do you want to live in Canada, and understand Canadian behaviour?
Program - Streets

The Streets

Focus: We want to extend your vocabulary to include slang, idioms, abbreviations, phrasal verbs etc.
  • Do you have good vocabulary, and show strong interest in ‘blending in’ with the community?
  • Are you interested in social media, reading magazines, and watching TV, but do not understanding the full meaning of what you see, hear or read?
  • Do you have Canadian friends, but don’t always understand the conversation?
Program - Sounds

Sounds & Gestures

Focus: We teach and practice correct sounds and pronunciation, along with going over tone, stress and gestures.
  • Are there certain sounds that you still have trouble producing?
  • Are you shy to speak because you are not comfortable with your pronunciation?
  • Do you want to practice more tone, intonation, syllables, etc?
Program - Flow


Focus: We want to make sure that you have confidence during conversations, and comfortable with understanding unpredictable responses.
  • Do you find listening to a person speaking English at a natural pace intimidating and difficult?
  • Do you get stuck on unknown words, which distract you from the rest of the conversation?
  • Do you want more time to listen and get used to hearing English?
Program - Just Speak

Just Speak

Focus: This oral proficiency class has lots of communication, confidence building and real-world practice.
  • Do you want to gain more confidence speaking in English?
  • Do you want a safe environment to practice speaking English outside of classes?
  • Are you intimidated to speak because you are too worried about making a mistake?
Program - Toastmasters


Focus: Toastmaster explains and practices how to command attention, read the audience, and truly make a statement.
  • Does speaking to an audience intimidate you?
  • Do you have the knowledge of what to say, but have difficulty making it impressionable?
  • Do you have a hard time holding the audience’s attention?
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