Immersed in English offers after-school and after-work classes for ESL learners and newcomers of all ages and nationalities, at any level of English. Our programs offer interactive classes, engaging workshops, and controlled hands-on real-world experiences.

Why take our classes?

Each teacher is a fluent English speaker, and has a teaching certificate recognized in Ontario. We teach pronunciation, culture, vocabulary and more! We also practice listening, communication and public speaking! The classes are fun and memorable, which makes learning English EASY!

Immersed in English is a safe environment to have fun, learn, and experience the world outside of textbooks.

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Mayumi has helped me gained my confidence back in everyday workplace conversations. She’s very helpful in regards to setting my specific goals and she has guided me seamlessly through the process. I’m also able to attend meet-ups every other week, which are hosted by Mayumi and perfectly complement my Skype lessons.

Santiago Sanabria, from Columbia

Based on my experience, I must say that Mayumi has the ability to perceive student’s weaknesses in terms on English, which allows her to apply different learning techniques to help them understand various topics, improve the language, and achieve their goals. Moreover, she is patient, friendly, and responsible, so I do believe she will make a great impact working with both school-aged children and adults. Her professionalism and performance as a teacher makes her an excellent educator. I highly recommend her!

Maria Alejandra, from Venezuela

I’m taking lesson once a week. Mayumi and I usually talk about my life and my job, but sometimes we talk about our interest in beauty.

Lessons have a very relaxing atmosphere because the teacher is a very nice person. Sometimes I can’t explain my story in English, but she always waits, tries to understand, or tries to find the best vocabulary.

If I don’t understand Grammar, she teaches me.

What I want to say is that learning English is well balanced with her.

Chikako, from Japan

Trust me! You will not be afraid to speak English anymore after you meet Mayumi! She is the most helpful teacher to improve your English skills, and she also has a lot of patience to teach you whatever you don’t understand in English. Originally, I was a very low level student, but after her lessons, I was accepted to be a flight attendant. So don’t worry! Mayumi is the best choice for you!

Tino, from Taiwan

Mayumi is the best teacher to improve grammar and vocabulary. She has always been very professional and kind with students. She has nice skills to teach. Take her class, you will love English. You will look forward to your next class because she makes English become more interesting. If you are a low level student, you need to choose her!! She can easily understand your problem, and she is very nice patient to help you understand. Mayumi has been the best English teacher in my life ~

Ten, from Taiwan

I asked my wife and she is completely satisfied with Mayumi as her tutor, also my son Joao Pedro is satisfied with her. She is a very good tutor.  

Araujo Family, from Brazil

Josh has been an excellent Business English tutor. He was prompt, polite and professional in all his dealings. Josh’s tutoring helped enormously, not only did he prepare me in terms of the business curriculum, but he showed a personal interest in motivating and encouraging me in her learnings and regularly pointing out the specific ways I was improving in my studies.

Ken, from China

David was excellent. We found him easy to understand and to get along with. He was always very polite in his manner. We appreciate all the hard work he put into each tutoring session and would like to pass on our sincere thanks to him. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else for tutoring in English and your company for their help in finding us a suitable tutor.

Pauline & Gabriel, from France

I would just like to say how happy we are with Mayumi to improve our son’s grammar and vocabulary. She has always been very professional and encouraging with Yegor. He looks forward to his lessons each week, and I would highly recommend Mayumi to others who are looking to improve their English.

Parents of Yegor, from Ukraine

Mayumi, my family loves you so much. Very comfortable with you, honestly.

Halabi Family, from Saudi Arabia

I want to continue working with you, Mayumi! I really enjoy your lessons☆

Yui, from Japan